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Spices & Seasonings.

As a general rule, whole spices will stay fresh for about 4 years, ground spices for about 2 to 3 years and dried herbs for 1 to 3 years.
A spice is a seed, fruit, root, bark, berry, bud or vegetable substance primarily used for flavoring, coloring or preserving food.
Spices are distinguished from herbs, which are parts of leafy green plants used for flavoring or as a garnish.
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In Le Guide culinaire, Auguste Escoffier divides seasoning and condiments into the following groups:
Seasoning is the process of adding salt, herbs, or spices to food to enhance the flavor.
Saline seasonings—Salt, spiced salt, saltpeter.
Acid seasonings—Plain vinegar (sodium acetate), or same aromatized with tarragon; verjuice, lemon and orange juices.
Hot seasonings—Peppercorns, ground or coarsely chopped pepper, or mignonette pepper; paprika, curry, cayenne, and mixed pepper spices.
Saccharine seasonings—Sugar, honey.

The pungents—onions, shallots, garlic, chives, and horseradish.
Hot condiments—Mustard, gherkins, capers, English sauces, such as Worcestershire sauce, Baron Green Seasoning, Harvey's Sauce, ketchup, etc. and American sauces such as chili sauce, Tabasco, A1 Steak Sauce, etc.; the wines used in reductions and braisings; the finishing elements of sauces and soups.
Fatty substances—Most animal fats, butter, vegetable greases (edible oils and margarine).

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