Sunday, 11 October 2015

Rachel Roddy successful blog.

Sicily and Rome: two journeys, two kitchens -
Food writer Rachel Roddy grew up in a town outside London, one of three, and trained as an actress before moving to Italy in 2005, from where she now writes her hugely successful blog
Roddy lives in Rome with her partner and son, Luca.
What prompted the move to Italy?
As an actress I worked, and then I didn’t work, at which point I became a waitress who preferred helping out in the kitchen rather than ferrying plates. Then I worked as an actress again, finally getting sort of jobs I had always wanted, but by then I realised acting wasn’t what I wanted to do. I had an idea I wanted to write, but nothing certain. I had some money saved so decided, impulsively, to travel. Naples was the starting point from where I traveled down to Sicily and then up to Rome, where I intended to stay for a short time before moving further southwards again.

Do as the Romans do: the secrets behind Italian cooking - Telegraph
Here she shares tips and recipes from her first book, Five Quarters.
Rachel's Roman dishes:
- Broad beans and pecorini recipe
- Pasta and potato soup recipe
- Courgettes cooked in olive oil recipe
- Spaghetti with olive oil, garlic and chilli recipe
- Classic Italian meatballs in tomato sauce recipe
- Baked peaches with butter and almonds recipe

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