Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Nutribullet and its rivals tested.

Ready steady, shake: Nutribullet and its rivals tested | Life and style | The Guardian
5 Nutribullet £79.99, lakeland.co.uk

First impressions: It shouts at me: “STOP THROWING DISEASE-FIGHTING NUTRITION DOWN THE DRAIN!” It looks like the Gherkin. It’s weighty and solid, with a lovely texture, as if it’s clad in vanillin crystals. The blades are far bigger than any other so far, which is only fitting because this is “the all new, revolutionary Extractor Blade”. It comes with a spare 500ml cup and a 680ml. The “life coach”-style user guide and recipe book feature so many jubilant couples I wonder if there’s some sort of tie-in to Match.com. It includes 20 pages where you can write about your “journey”.

Green juice: I can drink this! We can all drink this. Apart from the very occasional giveaway speck of cucumber skin, this could be an avocado smoothie. It has a slight texture, but it is uniform and very fine.

Protein shake: On the eye – all berry skin traces are gone – and to taste, it’s the smoothest yet. This could have been sieved.

Who is this for? Everyone, clearly.


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