Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Red Gooseberries in Currant Juice Jam.

Jam and Preserve Recipes

- Red Gooseberries
- To every 450g of Red Gooseberries allow:
- 340g Sugar
- Currant Juice (285ml of redcurrant juice to each 2.7kg of Gooseberries)

Select red hairy gooseberries, gathered in dry weather, when quite ripe, without being too soft.
Weigh them.
Top and tail the gooseberries.
Add 285ml of redcurrant juice (drawn as for jelly), to each 2.7kg of fruit.
Put the gooseberries and currant juice into a preserving pan.
Boil tolerably quickly, keeping them well stirred.
When they begin to break, add sugar and keep simmering until the jam becomes firm, carefully skimming and stirring so that it does not burn at the bottom.
It should be boiled rather a long time or it will not keep.
Put it into sterilised jars (not too large).
Let it cool and cover with airtight lids.
Store in a dry place.

Time: About 1 hour to boil the gooseberries in the currant juice, from 30 to 45 minutes with the sugar.
Sufficient: Allow 900ml of fruit for a 450g pot.
Seasonable: Make this in June or July.

Wash the fruit (always with gooseberries), top and tail them and pack loosely into a shallow lidded freezer container or, try dry-freezing them.
Spread them out on kitchen-paper on a tray and freeze as individual fruits.
When frozen, they can be packed into freezer bags.

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