Wednesday, 22 July 2015

A Jam Fit for a Queen.

A Jam Fit for a Queen Bar-le-duc jelly.
Bar-le-duc jelly - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Currants (white currants or red currants).

6 ways to preserve gooseberries (1919) - Click Americana
Gooseberry preserves (Bar-le-duc).
Although slightly troublesome to make these are quite equal to the expensive product sold as bar-le-duc.
Select large, perfect gooseberries.
Make a tiny opening in the side of each one.
Then with a needle, remove the seeds one by one, taking pains to preserve the shape of the fruit.
Weigh the prepared berries, allow an equal amount of strained honey, and when the latter is hot, put in the berries and simmer for four minutes.
Skim out the fruit, place in tiny jelly glasses and boil down the honey syrup until very thick.
Pour this over the fruit and seal when cold with paraffin.

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