Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Bolognese pasta pie.

Bolognese pasta pie - pasta recipes - Good Housekeeping
Preheat oven to 200°C (180°C fan) mark 6.
Bring a large pan of salted water to the boil for the spaghetti.

Grease and line base and sides of a 9cm (3½in) deep, 20.5cm (8in) round loose-bottom cake tin with baking parchment.
Set aside.

Heat oil in a large frying pan and brown mince all over.
Mix in pasta sauce, check seasoning and set aside to cool for 10min.

Meanwhile, cook spaghetti in boiling water according to pack instructions until al dente.
Drain and leave to cool for 5min.
Return to pan and stir in half the Parmesan and two of the eggs.

Spread half the spaghetti over base of prepared tin in an even layer.
With two forks, build remaining spaghetti up around sides of the tin, making a central well about 5cm (2in) deep for the mince.
Option: Spread the fresh mozzarella (or ricotta) over the spaghetti. Or Layer sliced mushrooms.
Stir remaining egg and most of basil into mince mixture.
Spoon into well in pasta.
Dot with cherry tomatoes (cut-side up) and scatter over remaining cheese.
Cover tin with foil and cook in oven for 15min.
Remove foil and cook for a further 20-25min until lightly golden.

Transfer to a serving plate or board.
Scatter over remaining basil and serve pie in slices.
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