Thursday, 1 December 2016

Meat Piroshki - Belyashi - Yeast doughi.

Beliashi is a Tatar dish, a form of fried bread with meat filling.
Tatarstan is a republic, a part of Russian Federation.
The filling is made from raw ground beef mixed with finely chopped onions, salt, pepper, and a bit of water.
makes 2 1/2 lbs of dough
605g all purpose flour
10g compressed yeast
10g salt
39g sugar
415g water
20g non-hydrogenated margarine

Prepare a batch of soft , fairly wet dough.
Let it ferment, covered, at room temperature, for 4 hours.
Once or twice during that time fold it gently.

Divide the dough into several pieces weighing 55g each and flatten each piece with your hand.
Piroshki: place in the center of each round 55-60 g of filling of choice (2 oz) and seal the bun.
If making beliashi, then place a tablespoon of raw meat filling in the center of each piece and do not close the bun completely, but leave a small hole in the centre, so that the steam can escape as it fries.

Let the buns rest for about 10-20 min on the counter and deep fry them in Dutch oven in oil preheated to 180C/360F for 7min, turning them from time to time during that time to achieve even color of the crust.
I got about 20 beliashi from that batch of dough and fried them in 1 liter of corn oil in a Dutch oven, 5-8 buns at a time.


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