Monday, 14 November 2016

Spaghetti Squash.

From plot to plate.

Spaghetti squash.
I decided to grill it!
Halved, skin side down, over direct medium heat.
The trick is not to cut the squash lengthwise.
Through the middle — the equator — because, I learned, the strands run from side to side, not stem to bottom.
Removed the seeds from the squash, brushed the cut sides and interior with olive oil, sprinkled with salt and pepper, got it on the fire, and closed the lid.
It took 45 minutes for it to get tender.
While it cooked, I put together a simple tomato sauce made from two pounds chopped fresh tomatoes sautéed with a ton of garlic; at the end I stirred in fresh basil.
So - cut in half, turned on the grill for about 45 mins, on high but indirect heat.
- tossed them with the sauce.
...a subtle but very present smoke flavor that combined seamlessly with the tomato sauce.

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