Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Donna Hay.

loveFOOD meets Donna Hay:
"Donna's top tips for…
Cooking spaghetti: Make sure the water is boiling and salted, and that there’s plenty of it.
The most important thing is to quickly get your water boiling again after you’ve added the spaghetti (to keep the pasta from sticking together).
The easiest way to do that is to put the lid back on the pan once the pasta is in.
Baking a sponge: Fairy fingers, as we call it back home.
It’s all about keeping the air trapped in the sponge, so you have to have light fingers to whisk those eggs up really light.
And always sift your flour three times.
Cooking vegetables: I put them in ice water after cooking if I’m eating them as part of a sald, just to keep the colour.
If served hot, steam your veg and take them off the heat just before they’re ready, because food is hot and will keep on cooking.
Crackling: Turn the oven up to as high as it will go (250, even), then dry the crackle, salt it (all the usual things) and blast the meat for 10 or 15 minutes, until you see it all bubbled and crackled.
Then turn the oven right down to 120/140 to finish the meat off."

What do you think of British food?
For me, it’s all about Eton mess and pudding!
And on the savoury side, I’d far sooner think of fish and chips, pies, or bangers and mash than curries.
I’m afraid I love my fresh seafood though, so Australia comes first for me.
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