Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Kitchen essentials, gadgets and pantry.

...commonly used in an Italian kitchen.
For drinking:
Moka Pot Brewing Guide - How to Make Moka Pot Coffee
Moka pot.

Duralex glasses.

For the stovetop:
Pasta pan, taller-than-wide 6-litre!
- the litre of water for every 100g of pasta rule.
A wide sauté or frying pan with a long handle.
Deep copper sauté pan.
A heavy casserole, which I call my peperonata pan.
For draining:
- colander with feet
- long tongs
- big slotted spoon
For smoothing:
A food mill (also called passatutto, purée sieve, moulinette, mouli légumes, or passe-vite) is a food preparation utensil for mashing and sieving soft foods.
It purees tomatoes, pulses, fruit, fish and other ingredients, separating the skin and tough bits: the wanted from the unwanted.

- The Minimalist - A No-Frills Kitchen Still Cooks - In fact, I contend that with a bit of savvy, patience and a willingness to forgo steel-handle knives, copper pots and other extravagant items, $200 can equip a basic kitchen that will be adequate for just about any task, and $300 can equip one quite well.

- How to Build a Baking Pantry, Part I: Ingredients (Beginner) | Brown Eyed Baker:

- Search Results | Brown Eyed Baker:

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