Sunday, 22 May 2016

Pasta with ricotta, lemon and parmesan cream.

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While a large pan of well salted water lumbered to the boil, I mashed and then beat 250 g of ricotta di pecora with the zest and a little of the juice of a large unwaxed lemon, a hefty handful of grated parmesan, a good pinch of salt and a grind of black pepper.
Once the water was rolling like a stormy ocean, I slid the pappardelle into the pan and pushed it down with a wooden spoon.

When the pasta was nearly ready – and this is important – I ladled a little of the pasta cooking water – cloudy with starch – from the pasta pan into the ricotta cream in order to loosen it a little.
I also set another cupful aside in case further loosening was necessary.
I drained the pasta before tipping it on top of the ricotta cream and tossing the wide ribbons in the thick white paste.
The egg pappardelle was surprisingly absorbent and so a little more pasta water was needed!
After all this is a dish that should be moist!
The ribbons of pasta should slip and slide not clump and stick.
I served my pasta with ricotta, lemon and parmesan cream with a little extra virgin olive oil poured over the top.

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