Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Two Ways To Freeze Winter Squash.

Two Ways To Freeze Winter Squash | The Kitchn
- Raw: Peel and cut the squash into chunks of any size; 1-inch cubes are a good size.
Spread the pieces in a single layer on a baking sheet and place in the freezer.
When completely frozen, transfer the squash to a freezer-safe container with 1/2-inch headspace to allow for food expansion.
Frozen chunks may be added directly to stews or into the oven for roasting, or thawed before using.

- Cooked: Depending on the size of the squash, cut it in halves, cubes, or slices.
Cook it by roasting, steaming, or boiling.
Remove the skins and mash the squash.
When cool, pack it into freezer containers with 1/2-inch headspace – or freeze in ice cube trays or muffin tins and then transfer to a container.
The creamy squash puree may be used in lasagnas, soups, dips, and more.

- That link about pureeing butternut squash makes it ridiculously harder than it needs to be.
All you need to do is cut the squash in half lengthwise, put the cut sides down in a baking dish with an inch or so of water, and roast at 200C for about 45 minutes.
Then scoop into an ice-cube tray and mash gently with the spoon as you pack it in.
No need to puree specifically because the water keeps the flesh moist without watering down the taste. (Each cube is approximately an ounce so it thaws in small portions, but very quickly once moved to the fridge.)

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