Sunday, 5 February 2017

Tinned tomatoes.

Lidl (31p) The plum tomatoes had notably thick juices without bitterness and a natural sweet, herby quality. Enough solid tomato to half fill the tin, even after draining off the juice. Outstanding overall, preferable to many of the more expensive and even premium brands.
The winner 9/10
Chopped Thinner juices than the plum and less richly flavoured. 5/10
Sainsbury's Basics (31p) The plum tomatoes had a good half-tin full of tomatoes after draining. Juices are thin and a bit metallic-tasting. Tomatoes almost flavourless. 3/10
Chopped Uniquely, these come in a handy Tetra Pak. As for the contents, they had thin juices, but a more mellow flavour than the plum. 4/10
Morrisons Saver (31p) The plum tomatoes had a huge piece of skin on one tomato. Mild juices, and sharp-tasting fruit. 5/10
Chopped Mild and very average. 5/10
Waitrose Essential (55p) Thick juices with a good tomatoey flavour, but a little tinny bitterness. Less than half full of "flesh" but those juices are thick. Great stuff but at 55p a tin, hardly fair to compare to the economy at 31p. 9/10
Chopped Thinner juices and less rich flavour. 6/10
Tesco (31p) Bland, like the Sainsbury's one, though there seems to be more tomato in the can. Juices a tad thicker, but a tinny flavour. 4/10
Chopped Fairly thick juices (good) but a lot of bits of skin, and a thin, sharp flavour (bad). 6/10
Asda Smart Price (31p) Decently thick juices and really meaty tomatoes but a touch bland – no bitterness, though. 6/10
Chopped Rich and well balanced, but an odd fermented after taste. 4/10

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