Thursday, 3 December 2015

Meatballs in tomato sauce.

Meatballs in tomato sauce. | rachel eats

Start with sauce.
In a heavy based pan warm the 3 tbsps of olive oil with a couple of cloves of garlic you have squashed with the back of a knife.
Once the garlic is soft but not brown add the passata, stir and raise the heat so it bubbles at a gentle simmer.
Leave the pan for about 20 minutes, the passata reducing gently.

Make the meatballs.
Put the minced beef in a large bowl.
The bread should have absorbed all the milk by now and seem quite cool so mash it to a pulp using a fork.
Add the mushy bread,
the sauted onion,
the parsley
the parmesan,
the beaten egg,
the tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil,
the nutmeg and
some salt and pepper
to the beef.
Gently knead the mixture without squeezing it until all the ingredients are combined.

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